About KnowledgeVision

Who We Are

In October, 2019, KnowledgeVision Systems merged with and became a subsidiary of OpenExchange Inc., the trusted video exchange for financial communications.  (See news release announcing the merger.)

KnowledgeVision is the leader in smart media creation and hosting technology.  Our Knovio video platform is used by more than 375,000 people worldwide in more than 2,000 companies and campuses to create, host, share, organize, collaborate around, and measure online media content.

Founded in 2010 by a team of online media pioneers led by Michael Kolowich, KnowledgeVision was backed by a group of venture capital and large individual investors who believe in the company's vision to bring a smarter online video platform to every business, organization, and educational institution.

OpenExchange’s mission is to video-enable the vital daily communications of the financial services and professional investment industry and its clients with advanced one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many video technologies, tools and services.  Anchored by its experience in connecting more than 45,000 video endpoints and more than 375,000 registered users, the OpenExchange Network bridges the worlds of real-time videoconferencing, video live-streaming, and searchable on-demand video archives and showcases, making it easy to connect, create, disseminate, and discover information critical to investment and business decisions.