KV AppsOnly KnowledgeVision provides your business with a cost-effective, scalable way to turn your presentations and web content into an interactive online video experience – capturing an engaging, multi-sensory story once and then publishing it to millions of people for on-demand delivery, using portable tools that can be run from any computer, anywhere in the world. And you’ll find that KnowledgeVision delivers superior capabilities at a dramatically lower cost than any other alternative.  In fact, companies switching to KnowledgeVision have reported saving 75% or more on their online presentation budget, leaving more room for producing content, not hosting it.

Here’s how we’re unique:
  • We’re not just about video. Or audio. Or PowerPoint. We integrate all of them, plus animations, advertising (if your application calls for it), JavaScript applets, images and graphics into a rich interactive experience that’s unique and engaging.
  • We offer both on-demand and live experiences. Our KVLive webcasting option can support thousands of simultaneous viewers for live KnowledgeVision presentations.
  • Our player designs are flexible and customizable. What’s more, they’re not “baked-in” to the presentation content. Change the logo or company colors? No problem — just change the template and all your presentations instantly adopt the new look and feel.
  • We offer both online and offline presentations. KnowledgeVision presentations can be packaged up “to go” and can be stored on your own servers. That means that KnowledgeVision-based training can be maintained in a secure location and watched on airplanes, or anywhere internet access may be unreliable or non-existent.
  • We preserve your animations. Have a special way of displaying your product or service or architecture by using PowerPoint animations? Chances are, we can preserve those animations online. We convert your animated presentation slides to formats that are faithful to the original.
  • No hardware required. KnowledgeVision doesn’t require any encoding boxes or specially-equipped rooms. Just a Windows or Mac computer and an internet connection. You can even produce KnowledgeVision presentations on the fly from hotel rooms, trains, and conference centers if you like.  No studio is required!
  • KnowledgeVision works like a charm on most tablet computers…without installing an app. KnowledgeVision presentations work great with most tablet computers, including Apple’s iPad and Flash-enabled Android tablets.  Viewers don’t need to install a separate app to view presentations on the iPad.
  • We don’t use proprietary video formats. Our streaming video uses the most modern, high-quality video codec, H.264. Is your source video in another format? No problem — our powerful transcoder can ingest just about any video file and optimize it for KnowledgeVision.
  • We let you record directly into a presentation. We allow you to record either video or audio directly from your desktop using Knovio Web, which is available to every KnowledgeVision user.  Knovio Web uses your computer’s built-in webcam, a camera connected to your USB or firewire port, or a microphone or headset to provide rich video or audio narration for your presentations.
  • Presentations are easy to edit. Need to change a slide after you’ve finished your presentation? No problem. Upload the new slide and use KVStudio to swap in the new slide. Edits can be “live” in minutes.
  • We work with the leading online video platforms. KnowledgeVision is fully integrated with Brightcove and Ooyala, and supports LiveStream, Ustream, and Watershed for live streaming broadcasts.
  • We offer “app-less” playback support for the Apple iPad and iPhone. Our responsive players adapt to the screen dimensions, aspect ratio, layout, and capabilities of any device they’re played on.  We don’t require the installation and launch of a separate app for playback.
  • Our detailed analytics help you understand how your content is being used. Detailed tracking shows viewership, attention, and measurement of exactly how viewers are engaging with your presentations.
  • We can incorporate surveys, forms, quizzes, short video clips, Q&A, chat, and other applications into KnowledgeVision presentations. Just about anything that can be rendered on a web page can now be synchronized into a KnowledgeVision player.  This opens up a whole new world of applications, allowing KnowledgeVision presentations to be integrated with third-party applications like lead generation systems, learning management systems, event sign-up systems.
  • We offer interactive transcripts as a “power search” feature in KnowledgeVision players. We can incorporate 3PlayMedia‘s interactive transcripts right into a widget within the KnowledgeVision player.  (Watch an example.)

Many of our clients ask how KnowledgeVision and KVStudio compare with an audio-centric presentation system like Brainshark.  Here is an explicit comparison of KnowledgeVision vs. Brainshark.