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KVStudio is easy-to-install software that installs on any Windows or Mac computer. It works with KnowledgeVision’s hosted services and your password-secured account to create, store, retrieve, publish, and modify KnowledgeVision presentations.

KVStudio is sold by KnowledgeVision Systems as a subscription-based service at prices starting at $295 monthly for the Basic Edition and $495 per month for the Professional Edition. Pricing varies with the number of production accounts and value-added features deployed, such as KVCollections, KVTrack, KVLive, and video streaming services. Discounts are available for educational and not-for-profit organizations.

Contact us with your needs, and we can develop a detailed proposal for your business or organization.


KVStudio v4.5 Updates:
  • Simplified playlists – Playlists with multiple related presentations can now be created, stored and shared using KVStudio.
  • Link and embed sharing – Sharing links and embedding presentations is now easier with KVStudio’s Share buttons.
  • Expanded multimedia sources – Including Brightcove, Ooyala, Kaltura, and Amazon CloudFront.
  • KVCentral – A browser-based console for KnowledgeVision Corporate subscribers that allows users to log in from any device to publish, share, and monitor presentations stored in PresentationCloud™
  • KVTrack – KVTrack is an advanced tracking and analytics feature that allows users to track online presentation views and interactivity. Learn More
  • KVRegistration – Lets users control access to presentation material by requiring viewers to register before viewing one or more presentations.
  • PresentationCloud™ – A personal internet-based publishing space for KnowledgeVision users to share and track online presentations, which may be publicly available or kept confidential, private, and secure.
KVStudio Features:
  • Installs in seconds – Our downloadable software can be downloaded and fully configured and ready to go within just a few minutes.
  • Windows and Mac – KVStudio runs on both Windows and Macintosh computers with equal facility and speed.
  • True video support – and audio, too – KnowledgeVision presentations incorporate real video streams, not just video clips attached to slides.  We also support audio narration
  • Player Designs – Work with our designers to create reusable player templates to meet your unique needs with custom dimensions, window arrangement, color scheme, and corporate identity.
  • Supports a wide variety of video formats – We can prepare your presentation from a wide variety of video formats, including .mov, .avi, .mp4, .flv, H.264, .mpg, .wmv, and more, along with most popular video codecs. Within minutes of upload, KVStudio optimizes your video for the best viewer experience.
  • Supports many image formats – Upload Microsoft PowerPoint slide decks, as well as JPG or PNG images, Flash movies, HTML, or text files.
  • Slide animations – We support animations within your slides. Most standard PowerPoint animations are supported and preserved in your KnowledgeVision presentation.
  • Virtual handouts – You can accompany your presentation with one or more virtual handouts: white papers, presentation slide decks, high-resolution graphics files – whatever you can put in a downloadable file.
  • Synchronized footnotes – We support synchronized footnotes to provide supplemental material or reference links to outside websites. These can be displayed in conjunction with specific sections of the presentation.
  • Programmable Zoom Control – Each player design may incorporate KnowledgeVision’s unique “zoom control”, which allows the viewer to enlarge either the video or image panel. In KVStudio, a presentation author may pre-program these zooms to emphasize the content in one panel or the other.
  • Record directly to your presentation – We give you a choice: upload existing video to your presentation, or record directly from our webcam/microphone/headset widget.
  • JavaScript Support – For even more control of the viewer experience, KnowledgeVision presentations can contain JavaScript commands that can trigger events inside and outside the player at critical points in the presentation.
  • Any presentation length – KnowledgeVision presentations can be as short as a few seconds or as long as several hours.
  • High-performance hosting – Our high-availability video streaming and player hosting are built on one of the largest and most reliable networks of hosting services in the world. Or, if you’re a Brightcove or Ooyala client already, bring your own hosting — we’re fully integrated with these leading online video platforms.
  • Local publishing options – Optionally, you may publish your KnowledgeVision presentations to your own secure servers, or to a laptop or desktop computer for local presentation.
  • Domain restriction – Each KnowledgeVision presentation may be “locked” to a specific domain so that it cannot be launched from or embedded in any page other than one on a specific domain. This helps publishers control their presentations that may be intended to stay within a firewall, behind a pay wall, or on a particular website.
  • Viewer analytics – Monitor activity and engagement levels for each presentation you’ve published.

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