KnowledgeVision-SalesForce-GearsIntroducing KnowledgeVision’s Salesforce Connector, a tight integration between KnowledgeVision online presentations and any installation.

What it does:

  • helps marketing, sales support, and individual sales professionals to assemble libraries of online multimedia presentation content;
  • displays that library under a special “KV Presentations” tab within;
  • makes it easy for sales team members to create special, contact-specific links and send them to prospects and other contacts;
  • tracks and measures engagement when presentations are viewed by contacts;
  • notifies the sales team member immediately with information about how the viewer engaged with the content;
  • keeps track of all presentations sent by a sales team and its members.


  • Easy set-up via configuration scripts.
  • KnowledgeVision Client Success Team support is included.
  • Can be fully set up and tested in less than one day.

Demonstration of KnowledgeVision's SalesForce Connector