KnowledgeVision Learning Pack

With KnowledgeVision’s Learning Pack, you can build quizzes and assessments into your presentations in three easy steps: 1.) use the ASK app to create your quiz, with as many questions and sections as you’d like; 2.) Import your quiz sections into your presentation using KVStudio, Knovio, or the Match app, just as you’d import presentation slides; and 3.) synchronize your quizzes into your presentation so that they will be visible in the KnowledgeVision player at critical points during the presentation.

KnowledgeVision’s Learning Pack is an add-on option for creating compelling learning content, launching that content from Learning Management Systems, and assessing what was learned.

Here are just a few of the things KnowledgeVision’s Learning Pack can do:

  • Integrate multi-part quizzes and assessments directly into your online presentations.
  • Give immediate feedback on correct or wrong answers.
  • Score the quiz and compare the score with the passing grade.
  • Issue customized completion certificates to viewers who pass the assessment.
  • Launch any KnowledgeVision presentation from your Learning Management System using the SCORM content standard.
  • Track completion, partial views, and quiz results via SCORM in your Learning Management System
  • View special reports that list your learners, their session-by-session viewing records, and their quiz scores.
  • View additional reports that help you understand how your learning content is performing.

The Learning Pack is available as an optional feature for KnowledgeVision Corporate Edition, Enterprise Edition accounts, and Standard Edition clients who have purchased the KVTrack features enabled.  Some features of the Learning Pack are available as an option to Standard Edition clients, regardless of whether they have purchased the KVTrack option.

Features of the KnowledgeVision ASK App:


At the heart of the KnowledgeVision Learning Pack is the ASK app, which is an easy way to create multi-question, multi-section quizzes that can be inserted into KnowledgeVision presentations.

The Ask app is accessible via KVCentral to anyone who has the Learning Pack option enabled for their account.

  • Create unlimited quizzes – Use the Ask app to create as many quizzes as you’d like directly in your Learning Pack-enabled KnowledgeVision account.
  • Write multiple-choice questions – Use rich-text editing tools to write and format questions and eligible answers, as well as to identify the correct answer for scoring purposes.
  • Divide your quiz into sections – Group your quiz questions into as many sections as you’d like. This enables you to place quiz questions throughout your presentation.
  • Re-order your quiz questions – Use easy drag-and-drop actions to change the order of your quiz questions, or to move questions from one section to another.
  • Give custom feedback with notifications – Write feedback to be displayed to encourage the learner when they answer a question right, and to correct them when they answer wrong.
  • Customize success criteria – Set passing score criteria on a quiz-by-quiz basis.
  • Celebrate your learners’ success – Write customized messages to be displayed when a quiz is passed or failed, and even automatically create personalized completion certificates.