KnowledgeVision Content Engagement Score

Among its many capabilities, KVTrack calculates and displays a 0 to 10 Engagement Score for each viewer, estimating how engaged that particular viewer was with the presentation content. The distribution of Engagement Scores for the presentation are displayed on a circular Engagement Heat Map. The Engagement Score may be used to trigger follow-up or special lead scoring actions.

KVTrack is an advanced feature of KnowledgeVision that allows users to track views and interactions with their online presentations at the individual viewer level, as well as across groups of viewers. This allows you to more easily identify which specific viewers have viewed your online video presentations and exactly how they engaged with your KnowledgeVision content. With KVTrack enabled, KnowledgeVision clients can track: who watched; when they watched; how long they watched; how deep they got; how much material they skipped; what reference links they clicked; what virtual handouts they downloaded; and where they’re from.

Here are just a few of the things KVTrack can do:

  • Use tags added to your webpage URL to track specific viewers for your KnowledgeVision presentations
  • View a downloadable report showing you how each viewer interacted with your presentations
  • See which viewers downloaded your presentations and watched them partway or all the way through.
  • See how many times each viewer watched your presentations, and which links they clicked.
  • Produce a unique Engagement Score for each view, showing on a 0 to 10 scale how deeply engaged each viewer is with the material, based on viewing time and interactive clicks.

KVTrack is available as a standard feature for KnowledgeVision Corporate Edition and Enterprise Edition accounts, and as an optional feature for Standard Edition clients.

KVTrack Features:
  • Individual Viewer Tracking – At the single-viewer level, you can see all the important details about each of your presentations, including the viewing date and time, playback time, slides viewed, total viewing time, interactions such as clicks on links, notes and attachments, and any preset URL tags, IP addresses or cookie IDs.
  • Engagement Scores – The KV Engagement Score measures how engaged your viewers are with your presentations, so you can quickly identify high-potential leads. On a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 is most engaged, you can see an index of your viewers who viewed your videos the longest and took action.
  • Data Exports – KVTrack allows you to download your data into a detailed spreadsheet for use in marketing and sales automation and other lead tracking systems.