KVShowcase is an advanced optional feature of KnowledgeVision that allows content creators to collect and display online video presentations in an attractive gallery or portal.  A KVShowcase gallery can host an unlimited number of presentations in a way that viewers can easily find and view the KnowledgeVision content that’s most appropriate to their needs.


Click on the image to view a KVShowcase gallery example

KV Showcases are perfect for a wide variety of applications.  For example:

  • On-demand access to content from events like trade shows, industry conferences, and customer gatherings.
  • Collections of on-boarding briefing materials for new employees.
  • Continuing professional education portals.
  • Online learning centers for customer support.

Here are just a few of the features of KVShowcase:

  • Unlimited KnowledgeVision presentations, arrayed into an attractive thumbnail gallery on a single home page
  • Titles for each presentation displayed with the thumbnail
  • Categorize presentations and use pull-down menus to filter KnowledgeVision content by category
  • Full description page for each presentation
  • Find presentations via full-text search through titles, descriptions, and metadata
  • 0-to-5-star ratings collected and displayed
  • Allow comments and feedback on individual presentations
  • Customized logo, background images to fit your organization’s graphical standards
  • Fully hosted and maintained by KnowledgeVision – no/minimal IT support required

Take a look at these two examples of KVShowcase galleries:

KVShowcase is available as an optional feature of KnowledgeVision Corporate and Enterprise Editions.