With KnowledgeVision’s easy-to-use production tools, KnowledgeVision customers can create live streaming web presentations from any desktop or laptop computer, using the KVLive option in KVStudio.

KVLive is a premium feature of KVStudio, a suite of services that enable companies and organizations to add context to online video. A growing number of clients use KnowledgeVision to replicate one of the most common and effective forms of business communication: a personal presentation combined with slides emphasizing and illustrating key points. The introduction of KnowledgeVision Live complements KnowledgeVision’s popular on-demand application. KnowledgeVision Live is the best option for companies and organizations interested in broadcasting live to geographically distributed group without the complexity and cost of traditional web conferencing systems.

The KVStudio advanced design tools enable clients to create a layout that reflects their brand and overall web site navigation. KnowledgeVision Live presentations can be hosted or embedded in any web page. The resulting presentation is published on the web using Adobe’s Flash player which means it’s accessible to nearly all web browsers without the need for a plug-in or downloaded program.

Click the image to view an actual KnowledgeVision Live presentation KVLive