Human brain function represented by red and blue gearsOne of the things that makes KnowledgeVision stand out as the world’s most flexible online presentation platform is the number of options and add-ons that are available to KnowledgeVision clients.  Depending on the KnowledgeVision edition you choose, these options are available as either standard or add-on features.

  • KVTrack – This is advanced, viewer-level tracking capability that turns viewer clickstreams into actionable business intelligence. Working in conjunction with KVGuestbook or the KnowledgeVision Advanced Registration Option, KVTrack can track who watched, when, for how long, from where, and what they watched.  It also calculates an Engagement Score that can inform marketing, CRM, and learning management systems how engaged each viewer was with the presentation content.  KVTrack is a standard feature for Corporate and Enterprise Edition clients, and is an optional feature for Professional Edition clients.  LEARN MORE
  • KVLive – Create live webcasts, webinars, and events, combining a live video or audio feed with all the rich media and synchronization features of KnowledgeVision players.  LEARN MORE
  • KV Learning Pack — Use KnowledgeVision’s Ask app quizzes, assessments and KnowledgeChecks to test viewer comprehension and engage them more fully in the presentation materials.  Connect the results to your corporate learning management system to track learning progress and compliance.  LEARN MORE
  • KVShowcase – Create an attractive gallery, portal, or microsite displaying a group of KnowledgeVision presentations.  LEARN MORE
  • KVTranscripts — Embed a follow-along, searchable transcript in your presentations, that enables your viewers to zero in on particular words and phrases. Also helps with hearing-impaired and non-native-speaking audiences.
  • KV Advanced Registration – Implement advanced registration options, including smart data collection, reminders for online events, and even connections to databases like membership systems.
  • KVSCORMConnect – Hook up your KnowledgeVision presentations to your Learning Management System, using the industry-standard SCORM format.
  • KVVideoConnect – Use video from your company’s online video provider, such as Brightcove, Ooyala, Kaltura, or YouTube in synchronized, multimedia KnowledgeVision presentations.