Library-icon-300pxThe KVCentral Library is a web-based hub and launching point for all KnowledgeVision presentations. Viewable and usable from all web-enabled desktop and mobile devices, KVCentral gives KnowledgeVision users a way to view, manage, share, enhance and track presentations they’ve created in KVStudio Knovio Web, and other KnowledgeVision content creation apps.  It is also a launching point for most KnowledgeVision apps.

Once a KnowledgeVision client has logged into KVCentral (at, many tools are instantly accessible:

  • KVCentral-ScreenShot

    The KVCentral Library home screen, showing the most recently published presentations. From this screen, KnowledgeVision clients can click to view details on any particular presentation, can share it with others or with the world via social media, or can launch various KnowledgeVision apps to create new presentations. (Click to enlarge.)

    A list of published and active presentations, along with the cumulative number of views for each presentation.

  • A chart of viewing patterns for each presentation over the last 30 days
  • A summary of Engagement Scores for each presentation.  (An Engagement Score is a 0 to 10 measure of how effective a piece of content is in captivating and involving its viewers.)
  • Sharing options that list the permanent web link for each presentation.
  • Web code that can be used to embed each presentation on any web page.
  • Buttons that make it easy to share any presentation on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Launch buttons for other KnowledgeVision apps .

In addition, for accounts with KVTrack advanced analytics enabled (standard with Corporate and Enterprise Edition accounts), several enhanced analytics features are available through KVCentral:

  • A tool for creating notifications, based on certain viewing criteria, via email or connections to external software such as marketing automation systems.
  • Access to detailed viewer-level tracking data for each presentation.