In the quickly-changing world of content marketing and inside sales, rapid creation of engaging content is critical to success.  KnowledgeVision’s tools range from advanced tools for professional content creators to simple tools for individual professionals. Here are some of the ways KnowledgeVision is being used today to create compelling marketing and sales presentations and putting them online:

  • On-demand product demonstrations
  • Thought leadership
  • Sales training
  • Introductory sales pitches
  • Inbound demand-generation campaigns
  • Lead-nurturing content
  • Live webcasts
  • Product-expert chalk talks
  • Re-purposing webinar recordings to on-demand assets
  • Online customer conferences
  • Follow-up sales communications
  • Sales presentation modeling and feedback
  • Email campaigns
  • Channel sales enablement


Here are some of the features of KnowledgeVision that made it an ideal platform for marketing and sales:

  • Both video- and audio-narrated presentations supported with easy authoring tools
  • Both desktop and iPad-based authoring options
  • Clickstream capture gives actionable sales and marketing insight
  • Aggregate analytics tell how your content is performing
  • Patent-pending Engagement Scoring methodology turns views into action
  • Salesforce, Marketo, and other marketing/CRM system integrations
  • Dynamic calls-to-action synchronized to the presentation slides
  • Both on-demand and live webcast options
  • Slide animations faithfully preserved
  • Clickable chapters make it easy for viewers to navigate long-form material
  • Dynamic footnotes provide reference links and further explanations of material
  • Searchable transcripts help viewers go directly to relevant topics
  • Presentation slides can be easily updated or swapped, even after publication

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