Introducing Knovio — the simple multimedia presentation tool for the rest of us!

According to one estimate, more than 120 million people have the know-how to create PowerPoint presentations.  Now, every one of those people also have access to tools from KnowledgeVision that can turn dull PowerPoints into multimedia presentations with personality.  And some of those tools are offered by KnowledgeVision to everyone, FREE!

Here are some of the ways KnowledgeVision’s simple Knovio tools are being used today:

  • Explaining concepts
  • Pitching ideas
  • Selling products
  • Advocating causes
  • Submitting assignments
  • Creating how-to’s
  • Documenting processes
  • Practicing presentations
  • Gathering feedback

Video: How Knovio Mobile Works

Example: What a Knovio Looks Like



Knovio is the simple video presentation tool from KnowledgeVision.  It’s available for both desktop browsers and for the Apple iPad tablet.

Here are some of the features available today in Knovio:

  • Upload PowerPoint files from your hard disk, or to your iPad from email or most IOS cloud storage applications
  • Record video narration with desktop webcam or built-in iPad camera
  • Record audio narration with desktop microphone or built-in iPad microphone
  • View current, next, and previous slides in a slide browser
  • Automatically import speaker notes from your PowerPoint presentation files
  • Preview your presentation before publishing
  • Re-record commentary for any slide or section of your presentation if you need to make a change
  • Mix video and audio-only narration within the same presentation
  • Publish presentations onto the internet within seconds
  • Share your multimedia presentation with the world or keep it private

Also available to subscribers to KnowledgeVision’s Professional, Corporate, and Enterprise Editions:

  • Advanced editing capabilities
  • Preserve slide animations
  • Add chapters and footnotes to your presentation
  • Use KnowledgeVision templates to add your corporate identity
  • Advanced tracking and analytics
  • Integration with CRM, marketing automation, and learning management systems