Modern organizations are constantly learning and generating more knowledge.  And in a dynamic workforce, it’s vital to capture that knowledge in a form that can easily be shared with others.

Here are some of the ways KnowledgeVision’s software platform is being used today in e-learning and HR:

  • Onboarding for new employees
  • On-demand video learning libraries
  • Compliance training
  • Benefits open enrollment
  • Subject-matter-expert knowledge transfer
  • Mobile creation of “how-to” videos
  • Enhancing software screen recordings and demos
  • Customer education
  • Personalized sales training and feedback
  • On-demand “lunch and learn” content
  • Communication and reinforcement of organizational values
  • Continuing professional education programs
  • Regulatory and legal updates
  • Channel and partner training/onboarding




Marketo’s annual customer conference, captured on KnowledgeVision, provides customer, partner, and employee training material year-round.


Thomson-Reuters Legal

Thomson-Reuters is using KnowledgeVision to create and distribute continuing legal education programs such as its “Beyond the Bar” series.


Here are some of the features of KnowledgeVision that made it an ideal platform for learning and HR communications:

  • Both video- and audio-narrated presentations supported with easy authoring tools.
  • Both desktop and iPad-based authoring options.
  • Multi-part quizzes, assessments, and KnowledgeChecks incorporated into the flow of any presentations
  • KnowledgeCheck scoring (numeric, pass/fail) stored with viewer analytics.
  • Slide animations faithfully preserved.
  • Clickable chapters make it easy for viewers to navigate long-form material.
  • Dynamic footnotes provide reference links and further explanations of material.
  • Searchable transcripts help viewers go directly to relevant topics.
  • Language translation options support global audiences.
  • Presentation slides can be easily updated or swapped, even after publication.
  • Issuance of personalized PDF completion certificates
  • SCORM-compatible, for easy integration with most learning management systems.
  • KnowledgeVision Learning Pack bundles most powerful learning features into a single product option.
  • Full-featured learning management solution available through our partnerships.

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