Engaging Learning Conference Attendees

Learning 2011 Session Preview on KnowledgeVisionOne of the premier conferences in the world, Elliott Masie’s Learning 2011 conference, has made considerable use of KnowledgeVision in its conference programming.  In this example, one of the conference’s “faculty” members, Rick Baker, who leads field training at J.C.Penney, previews his conference session on measuring the ROI of field training on the iPad.

KnowledgeVision’s production tool, KVStudio, was distributed in advance to a number of faculty members for the Learning 2011 conference.  Each of them made their own preview presentation, each of which was embedded into the Wikis for each of the conference tracks.  Because KVStudio is so easy to learn and use, these faculty members were able to produce their presentations themselves, with no special training or assistance.

KnowledgeVision and the Masie Center are collaborating on a number of learning projects that will break new ground in how companies and organizations teach and learn.

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