Boston, July 7, 2015

KnovioWeb20-onWebcamMonitorInstant multimedia storytelling is easier and more intuitive than ever, thanks to a newly-released web version of Knovio, the free video presentation application from KnowledgeVision Systems.  Knovio Web 2.0 brings to desktop browsers the simple, award-winning interface of the Knovio Mobile iPad app.

With Knovio, people can create and share engaging multimedia stories by using their webcams and microphones to narrate PowerPoint slide decks and/or collections of images such as photographs, screen shots, and other visual material.  This content can be used to explain concepts, teach classes, pitch ideas, sell products, and for dozens of other applications.

The app and its basic services are offered free of charge, with more advanced functionality available to KnowledgeVision’s corporate customers, and in a subscription-based Knovio Pro version for $15 per month.

“Since we introduced Knovio Mobile fourteen months ago, more than 70,000 entrepreneurs, teachers, marketers, students, salespeople, and executives have signed up for Knovio,” said KnowledgeVision CEO Michael Kolowich.  “We are constantly surprised by the different ways Knovio is being used.”

Kolowich revealed that there are still more innovations in the works: a new iPhone version will enter public beta test before the end of July, he said.

To sign up for the free version of Knovio:

For more information on Knovio Pro subscriptions:

Video walk-throughs of Knovio can be found at

The Knovio Mobile app for iPad is also available in the iTunes App Store.

About KnowledgeVision: the New Face of Business Video
KnowledgeVision Systems is creating a new video medium for business, by reinventing the business presentation for an online, on-demand, video-enabled, mobile, anytime/anywhere world. A Massachusetts-based company backed by GrandBanks Capital and Rand Capital (NASDAQ: RAND), KnowledgeVision offers a Software-as-a-Service solution that makes it easy to create, share, and track online video presentations.

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