Onboarding sessions, company meetings, customer conferences, training days, sales kickoffs: they’re all important events in the life of an organization that’s committed to learning, no matter how large or small.  Do you let the valuable content of these events fade away as soon as they’re over?

Smart organizations have learned to capture and preserve these events, repurposing them into valuable just-in-time learning assets that are available online, 24/7.

"Instant Learning Collections: How to Repurpose Event Video into Durable Online Learning Assets"

In this session with online video expert and KnowledgeVision founder Michael Kolowich, you’ll learn about new tools for turning events into durable learning content using online video presentations.  You’ll see examples from a major medical school, two high-flying technology companies, and one of the largest human resources organizations in the world — each of which is making its investment in live events pay off again and again via online learning.

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