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How Small Businesses Should Market Themselves

Blank speech bubble price labelsIt can be difficult for small businesses to get their name out there, but content marketing is one of the best options to do so.  Without huge marketing teams like large corporations have working for them, small business marketers have to spend their time and resources efficiently.  A few of the most important low cost content marketing tools that small businesses should focus on are social media, expert pieces, and newsletters.  Mike Templeman shares his thoughts on these marketing tools and other Content Marketing For Your Small Business.

Reducing Landing Page Bounce Rate

fdsalfdjslIt’s never good when someone visits your page and leaves without interacting with any content on it.  This bounce rate is an important number to minimize in order to generate as many leads as possible.  Fernando Florez encourages businesses to think of their bounce rate in terms of people, not traffic and he also gives other Easy Ways to Reduce Your Landing Page’s Bounce Rate.  There are real people visiting your site and they need to be entertained and interested to grab their attention.  Pay close attention to headlines, design, and graphics to make the most effective landing page.

Benefits of Social Video

MobileVideo_600Social media is widely used by marketers, but adding video to these social sites takes it to the next level.  Vine and Instagram has made it especially easy for brands to share interactive videos with their viewers and even link it to other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Video can be used even by small companies with a smartphone for only 6 to 15 seconds!  If you’re still not convinced to use social video, take a look at 6 Reasons Every Brand Should Create Social Video by Nick O’Neill.

Visual Media And Your Marketing

In “Using Visual Media to Boost Your Marketing”, author Clayton Wood explores the growing use of visuals in marketing. It is often said that an image is worth a thousand words and it’s no wonder, humans area highly receptive to visual stimuli. Now, with more and more marketers relying on visuals in their online marketing, visual based content marketing is starting to really take off. In fact, in a recent study conducted by Search Engine Land and SurveyMonkey, visual content as a deciding factor comes in at number four after brand name, discounts, free delivery and promos.  Couple all this with the emergence and rapid availability of mobile content and marketers will have even more opportunities to entice potential customers.

Think Content Marketing Is A Passing Trend?

Content MarketingContent marketing has been getting quite a bit of attention recently, and for good reason. Content marketing has the ability to amplify a brands message and engage with your sites most relevant visitors. However, how much content is too much content? At this point, there are so many companies and brands pushing out content that the amount of quality content is rapidly starting to grow thin. With this in mind, good marketers should try to not focus on pushing something out the door just for the sake of getting it out. They should take the necessary time required to produce quality content as this is the content that rises to the top of the fluff and ultimately get shared. These are a couple of the questions covered in Rebecca Lieb’s recent post “Why content marketing is not a passing trend”. We know that there are multitudes of ways a company can look at content marketing and make it work for their own purposes. What have you tried in your own company?

Content Marketers are Forgetting One Major Thing

The-One-Big-Thing-Some-of-the-Best-Content-Marketers-ForgetAccording to Jeff Bullas, there’s The One Big Thing Some of the Best Content Marketers Forget: hustle.  Even with great content, you have to work hard to make it a successfully shared piece of work.  Many social platforms can be used to optimize social sharing.  In fact, the same content can be shared multiple times after repurposing it with a new twist in a few weeks/months or even at multiple times a day on Twitter.  If you take extra time to share your content, you’ll be sure to increase your reach to an even larger group.  Things like manually adding hashtags and big, visual pictures on social sites and using key words that are easily identifiable to search engines are great steps to becoming a content marketing hustler.

Online Video Marketing’s Future

Row of widescreen HD displays wtih multiple imagesIn December of 2013, Forrester Consulting conducted a study called “Optimism Despite Unresolved Issues About Video Advertising”.  Online video has been increasingly used for content marketing.  It’s a way to connect with viewers in a more interactive way, leading to more interest.  Online video is predicted to be a frequently used and an effective marketing medium in coming years, although publishers, advertisers, and media companies have different thoughts as to what the future will really hold for online video.  Ayaz Nanji discusses The Future of Online Video Marketing as well as some great statistics showing the opinions of these three marketing groups.  What do you think will be the future of online video marketing?  Let us know in the comments below.

Stretch Your Content Marketing Budget

2With content marketing becoming even more popular, marketers have to step up and deliver frequent but effective content at the same small marketing budget.  In order to compete with others, marketers have to be precise about the content they publish so readers will be willing to pay attention to it.  To do so, Heidi Cohen has come up with 3 Strategies For Stretching Your Content Marketing Budget.  She believes it’s possible to create better content without a larger budget, if you rethink your content and make smarter choices on where to better share it.

Top Brands on Twitter

iStock_000003049742_ExtraSmallAccording to Simply Measured, 98 percent of the top brands are on Twitter.  Of this large percentage, a huge portion of the businesses tweet at least once a day.  Before social media sites become popular, small businesses used as an easy way to keep in touch with their customers.  Now, it seems as though big companies have taken over theses sights as they create high quality content very frequently and to many followers.  Based on the study by Simply Measured, it seems that Twitter has been a useful tool for big brands to share their brand messages while smaller companies use it a little differently to pay attention to and reply to their customers.  Take a look at Kimberlee Morrison’s thoughts on how Twitter’s Amplification Power is a Big Draw for Big Brands.  Do you think Twitter is as useful for small brands as it is for bigger companies?

Optimize Landing Pages with A/B Testing

landingpageWhat better way to find out what the customer wants than from the customers themselves?  A/B Testing is a great way to get insight directly from the people you’re looking to impress the most.  By testing different variables, marketers are able to see what components work and what they should change.  It can help with email bounce rates, open rates, click-through rates, and could lead to increased sales.  Juan Pablo Castro shares his thoughts on How to Run A/B Tests That Bring BIG Landing Page Results.  Included in his article is advice on best variables to test as well as some A/B testing success stories.  Has your company run any A/B tests before?  Let us know in the comments below how it worked out for the business.

Brands Looking For Their Oreo Moment at the Super Bowl

oreoOreo’s “blackout tweet” from last year has inspired many companies to focus on real time marketing, especially for this year’s Super Bowl.  Many companies have set up war rooms filled with marketers waiting to react to Super Bowl happenings.  Some even have celebrities at the ready to make clever and timely comments.  Brands are really looking to connect with consumers on a more personal level to interact on some everyday issues and raise brand awareness.  Marketers have been given a great opportunity to get involved with the Super Bowl, as well as many other events, even without having to spend tons of money to air a commercial during the game.  Todd Wasserman discusses this popular marketing action as Brands Gear Up For Their Oreo Moment at This Year’s Super Bowl and the specific plans of some major companies.

Which Companies Should Invest in Social Media?

2Social media has become a critical part of content marketing.  It’s one of the easiest ways to instantly connect with current and potential customers and get them more involved with the company.  In this social age, customers have come to expect companies to be readily available to them at all times, so it’s important that companies have a strong social presence.  But will every type of business really benefit from having a social profile for their brand?  Nick Stamoulis thinks that Both B2Cs and B2Bs Should Invest in Social Media.  Do you think there is a big enough value for B2Bs and B2Cs to invest their time in social media?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Get 500,000 YouTube Views in 10 Months

fjdlkajMarketing with YouTube is a great way to share interactive content with viewers.  This entertaining medium can entice customers to consume more information about your brand’s message.  Josh Coffy has created a great article on the 8 Steps to Capturing 500,000 YouTube Views in 10 Months: Case Study.   He has created a list of 8 steps to start marketing through YouTube which he followed to gain over 100,000 views and 1,800 subscribers within three months and within 1- months he had 8,400 subscribers which helped establish paid members in 14 countries.  To start, “stalk your competitors” and learn from these companies who have perfected their YouTube channel through research and trial and error.  After that, start establishing your brand by posting regularly and with consistency.  Tell us about your YouTube marketing successes and failures in the comments below.

Internet: The New Super Bowl of Marketing

UntitledFor the first time since 2007, the E*Trade baby will not be promoting the brand during the Super Bowl.   After seven years of using this advertising medium, E*Trade has moved on to use their resources to better target their customers.  Running a commercial during the Super Bowl has been a huge advertising opportunity for many companies for years because of the opportunity to spread brand awareness to a huge global audience. But are Super Bowl ads losing their effectiveness?  Jeff Korham makes an interesting argument in his article, Internet: The New Super Bowl of Marketing. He discusses that Internet offers the same advertising opportunities as the Super Bowl, maybe even more.  The Internet is much cheaper and easier to advertise on, and may reach customers more effectively. Do you think the Internet could be more effective than Super Bowl ads for large companies? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Optimizing Email Content for Any Screen Size

fdksaj;Email is a great way to market content and share your brand’s message.  But are you sure that this well planned out content is actually being viewed?  There was an 80% increase in emails opened on mobile devices, as found over a six month period in 2012.  An even more important statistic to take note of is that 80.3% of mobile users will not tolerate email that isn’t optimized for mobile viewing.  Consumers aren’t willing to take the time to view a difficult email and will simply pass by it or delete it without another thought.  To more consciously create emails that will work on any screen size, learn How to Optimize Email Content for Any Screen Size with this article by Jenny Degraff.  If you focus on optimizing email design, content, and campaigns, you will be one step closer to a more successful email on all devices.

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