I’m often asked, why use an online presentation platform if I already have a way to create content?

The answer is pretty straightforward.

Because video is the de facto standard for training, employee on-boarding, communications and marketing programs.

Because text combined with video delivers a better than 67% retention rate.  And according to Forbes, because online training and learning programs need to be both useful and interesting to be effective! And because we have the attention of a goldfish!


Five reasons an online presentation platform makes sense.

An online presentation platform makes it fast and easy to create and distribute video-based (including audio narration) powerpoint presentations.  Learning & development professionals, as well as marketing, human resources and communications professionals can ceasily add video, quizzes and assessment tools to all their programs without needing the expertise of their professional creative team.

It’s also one of the fastest ways to capture and share expert generated content too.  More powerful platforms provide real-time analytics that give visibility into viewer behavior and engagement so it’s fast and easy to measure results.  And who wouldn’t want to see immediate results of their efforts?

In a nutshell, an online multimedia presentation platform really just enables you to create, distribute and track content that’s both useful and interesting.

Here are five reasons an online presentation platform makes sense for you business:

  1. Help teams maintain a high-level of productivity;
  2. Decrease overall development costs of online education, training and communications programs;
  3. Eliminate a lot of face-to-face (F2F) meetings
  4. Make it incredibly easy to produce trackable, video-based content.
  5. Simplify content distribution to global audiences.

DOWNLOAD how functional groups use online presentations.

What results can I see?

Well, I ask our clients that question fairly often.  All say there is a significant time and cost savings in using online video-based presentations.  Where they see the most results are in cost reduction, time savings, increased productivity and new innovation in delivering on-demand content.

A few stats that might just make you try online presentations include:

  • 8x increase in reach by distributing on-demand presentations of live webinars;
  • 67% decrease in training development costs with hybrid online video-based training;
  • 40% increase in engagement.

Think of it this way.  If you consistently present the same or similar information to multiple audiences within a short amount of time, then you may be spending a lot of time doing the same thing.  Imagine if you could create a more efficient workflow and more interesting and useful content, while saving time and energy.  Would you do it?


Eight business reasons to use online presentations

So, if you need some reasons to add online multimedia presentations into your marketing and communications strategy, here are eight clear cut reasons to do it.

  1. Save on training development costs
  2. Simplify market and employee outreach
  3. Measure and track content success
  4. Capture and share expert knowledge
  5. Extend the life of existing video assets
  6. Revitalize old presentations or videos
  7. Create hybrid e-learning environments
  8. Produce just-in-time podcasts and videos


Online presentations.  They are easy to produce and may just give you a little extra time in your day.

Stay tuned for more ways to use online presentations in your organization.

Have a question?  Send me a note.  I’d love to help.



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