Video and Interactive Content is Challenging

Video and interactive content can get complicated.  There’s so much to consider.  Time, scheduling, and resources are important considerations.  But so are determining how many content creators you need, how many videos you want to create, record and host, which engagement metrics are essential, and who else benefits from using video and interactive content.

Ten Important Content Considerations

When choosing your plan, consider your current and future video and interactive content needs.  Here are ten common things you should think about when choosing your plan.

  1. Advanced workflows that make content creation easier.
  2. Recording and syncing videos and content.
  3. Hosting and analyzing content.
  4. Engagement tracking.
  5. Collaboration with teams and experts.
  6. Interactivity features and assessment tools.
  7. Fast sharing options.
  8. Mobile content creation and access.
  9. Organizational scalabililty.
  10. Viewing minutes and storage hours.

Choose a plan that helps you accomplish your content goals.  And don’t worry, upgrading and changing your plan is a breeze.

SAVVY CONTENT CREATOR.  Knovio Suite is the perfect plan for the individual content contributor who needs to record, create, host, and manage all aspects of interactive content and video.  This plan has advanced workflows, plenty of room for growth and allows for up to 10 hours of content storage and 10,000 viewing minutes.

TEAMS & ORGANIZATIONS.  Knovio Corporate plan is designed for the content group who has multiple creators and creates lots of video and interactive content.  The analytics power of this plan is awesome and includes an admin control feature.  Corporate plans include all the features of Suite plus 100 hours of storage and 100,000 viewing minutes.  If you collaborate with teams, analyze in-depth engagement metrics, rely on assessment tools, and have multiple content creators, this is the plan for you.

COMPANY WIDE DEPLOYMENT.  Knovio Enterprise includes everything in Corporate plus unlimited number of content creators, Single Sign-On for the best security, and unlimited number of branded showcase libraries.  Because we know you’ll be creating lots and lots of content, this plan includes 250 hours storage and 1,000,000 viewing minutes and  unlimited support.

INDIVIDUALS, STUDENTS, and EDUCATORS.  Ideal option for those who want the power of video and interactive content, but don’t plan on creating lots of video and interactive content, or don’t need advanced workflows and syncing options.  These plans have limited viewing minutes and storage hours, and do not include advanced features such as detailed analytics, collaboration features, assessment tools like quizzes, and more. Compare Knovio Individual Plans here.