KnowledgeVision EditionsKnowledgeVision® is currently available in four editions: Enterprise, Corporate, Standard, and Personal Editions.  Each of these editions is crafted to suit a different kind of client.

A KnowledgeVision edition consists of:

  • a specific number of user licenses for KnowledgeVision’s content creation apps — KVStudio, Knovio Web, Knovio Mobile, and Match;
  • access to the KVCentral Library, for managing your collection of presentations and viewing the analytics available for your edition;
  • features (such as advanced tracking and analytics, live webcasting) that extend the capability of these apps, offered either standard or as options in different editions; and
  • allowances that define the maximum number of presentations and total streaming time for the contract year.
KnowledgeVision Editions
  • enterprise-iconEnterprise Edition – KnowledgeVision’s Enterprise Edition is for organizations that want to put online presentation power in the hands of many people in the organization, such as sales professionals, analysts, subject-matter experts, and students.  Custom-crafted to the needs of each of our client organizations, the Enterprise Edition typically includes a number of KVStudio licenses for professional content creators and a larger number of licenses of Knovio Web and Knovio Mobile for other business professionals in the organization.
  • corporate-iconCorporate Edition – Our most popular option, KnowledgeVision’s Corporate Edition is for organizations who are truly serious about creating multimedia content for marketing, learning, and communications. The Corporate Edition includes a bundle of KVStudio licenses and standard services that provide extraordinary value to a team that’s creating and deploying online presentations for learning, marketing, corporate communications, or investor relations.
  • professional-iconStandard Edition – KnowledgeVision’s Standard Edition is for individuals and smaller teams who are using online presentations on a smaller scale.  Typically it includes a single KVStudio and a single Knovio license, but includes all the capabilities necessary to start a professional online presentation program, and offers as additional options many of the more sophisticated features that are bundled into the Corporate Edition as well as upgrades to add additional users.
  • personal-iconPersonal Edition – KnowledgeVision’s Personal Edition is a simple inexpensive option for individuals, designed for anyone who wants to use the power of KnowledgeVision to communicate.  Built around KnowledgeVision’s award-winning Knovio Web and Knovio Mobile products, the Personal Edition is a great way to get started with KnowledgeVision, before stepping up to the increased flexibility, analytics, and options of the Standard, Corporate, and Enterprise editions.