Best Practices for Accessible Searchable Enterprise VideoIf you missed our webinar hosted by 3PLAY Media and KnowledgeVision, Best Practices for Accessible Searchable Enterprise Video, watch the recorded webcast now.

In this webcast, Ed Youngblood of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Alisha Magilei of Dynamic Therapy Solutions discuss video strategies that incorporate interactive transcripts to make their presentations accessible, searchable, and more engaging. You’ll learn:

•    Presentation tools that combine video, interactive transcripts, and PowerPoint slides
•    How video transcripts can be repurposed inside your organization
•    Use cases for video transcription in corporate, marketing and training content
•    How video transcripts make presentations searchable, navigable, and more engaging

Alisha Magilei is Assistive Technology Specialist & Co-Owner of Dynamic Therapy Solutions and Ed Youngblood is Director of Content Strategy for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.

Watch the webinar now

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