Sales enablement professionals are seeing the impact of technology on sales at every step of the onboarding process and sales funnel. More and more top performers are turning to onboarding technologies, mobile devices, social media, and online content to train salespeople and to reel in leads, with the ultimate goal of converting those leads to customers.

Technology is fundamentally changing sales enablement.  Mobile devices, software, and social platforms are rapidly taking over the selling landscape. Read on to learn just how quickly the use of sales technology is expanding – and how you’re missing out on enormous growth if you aren’t simplifying, expediting, and streamlining your sales funnel with the latest technology.


1. The highest performing sales teams are capitalizing on technology to organize and expedite the sales process. According to Salesforce research, high-performing sales teams use nearly 3 times as much sales technology than underperforming teams and are 8 times more likely to be heavy tech adopters than underperformers.

2. Sales professionals are realizing just how powerful technology can be in increasing sales efficiency. In just two years, from 2012 to 2014, spending on sales enablement technology increased by 69%, according to a study from SiriusDecisions.

3. These days, we depend on our mobile devices for everything: staying in constant communication with others, researching products, and keeping up with the latest industry news. Research from Salesforce’s yearly State of Sales report showed that top sales performers are nearly 5 times more likely to have outstanding or very good capabilities in mobile sales, taking advantage of smartphone technology to increase sales.

4.It pays to share more information and content with your prospects. 90% of buyers want the companies at which they’re looking to share more information about themselves on every aspect of the business, from their values to history to products, according to Edelman.

5. In Forrester’s recent survey of B2B buyers, up to 70% of the information they saw before making a purchase decision was self-discovered, not given to them by a sales rep. Making relevant and targeted sales materials available from an early point in the sales process can be the key to persuading content-hungry customers – before they even have a phone conversation with a salesperson.

6. An organized and standardized sales onboarding process can improve employee retention. A study from the SHRM Foundation revealed that new employees who attended a structured onboarding program were 69% more likely to remain at the company for three years.

7. The benefits of an ongoing training program, or at least a program with content that sales reps can revisit, are huge. The American Society for Training and Development reports that continuous training yields 50% higher net sales per employee.

8. It’s no surprise now that technology is helping sales reps sell more, but just how much of an impact does social media in particular have? According to research from Forbes, a substantial one. 78% of salespeople using social media outsell their peers.


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