Re-purpose executive presentations with interactive multimedia.

Re-purpose executive presentations with interactive multimedia.

Powerpoint presentations are part of everyday business life.  Can’t live with them, and can’t live without them.

Aside from the challenge of moving powerpoint beyond plain old bullets and text (and there’s usually lots of text!), what if you could add content that makes them more interactive?  These days, your customers, partners and clients want to choose what they watch, where they learn, and how they learn.  Let’s help them do it.

With flexible authoring and a simple to use online presentation platform, you can take your ordinary powerpoint deck into the next stratosphere by adding video, audio-narration, quizzes, certifications, footnotes and so much more.

Ever wonder what you could do with your next presentation?

Five ways to use online video-enhanced presentations.  

1.  On-boarding a)Consistent information delivered on-demand, on a regular basis to new hires.

b)Reach large audiences, test knowledge with quizzes for all employees.

2.  Interactive Resumes / Interviews a)Capture candidate personality and qualifications in one meeting.

b)Eliminate need for phone screens.

3.  Online skills training a)Many skills need both show & tell approach.

b)Add personality and expert knowledge to otherwise dry information.

c)Test knowledge and issue compliance certifications.

4.Company meetings / Quarterly updates a)Reach remote employees and large audiences with live and on-demand content.

b)Encourage feedback with Q&A.

c)Add supplemental materials.

5.Analyst reviews / Investor updates a)Showcase analyst personality and knowledge.

b)Security feature let you control access to information.

c)Consistently include compliance notifications.

Click here to download all 10 ways to use online presentations.


P.S.  Powerpoint decks are so much better with video narration and multimedia.  But before you add all these multimedia goodies, I recommend checking out Slide Team to learn how you can transform your bullets and text into powerful graphics and images.  The more visual your powerpoint deck, the better your video-enhanced presentation will be.   And if you’re not in the DIY mode, call us.  We’re here to help.


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