NRSWgl-mLbEerPclwk7m1zdSqQCoowJTpELxKh7rWz1jklyu7jJFz1VEadKvKrcDKRRkiugd39qFaMRxUCCXuAN0nYua-TmcolZn3oe1LKrKXv7QDmxcZhRfdwNaturally, 2014 will lead to some new trends in the marketing world.  There will likely be higher budgets allocated to content marketing, which should increase creativity and competition.  In The Wishpond Blog’s article, “Marketing Predictions: The 5 Biggest Things of 2014,” they give their insights on what content marketing focuses will be more important than this year: visual content, social media for SEO, influence marketing, Google+, and online advertising.  In addition to these in-depth explanations on the five main focuses for next year, there are three helpful tips to keep in mind next year, including adapting to different social platforms, recycling content, and learning to code.  Are there any other content marketing tactics that your business plans to focus more on next year?  Let us know in the comments below.

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